Smart Toilets and Bidets: Why they’re a Great Combo!

This is the era of smart toilets and bidets. Everyone pops daily and we all desire a toilet that smartly cleans our intimate areas. Ordinary toilet seats are not perfect for cleaning and maintaining hygiene. Now, many people are welcoming toilets and bidets to get full hygiene. There are several advantages of installing this combo in your bathrooms such as comfort and personal hygiene.

If you are thinking to upgrade your bathroom, then this combo is perfect to have a wonderful bathroom experience. Bidet is an additional toilet partner that is usually made of ceramic and has a tap. This cleaning unit is introduced just to give the user full control over the cleaning process. This device is the best option to get rid of toilets papers. Also, toilets papers don’t guarantee complete hygiene rather it can be very harsh on your butt. Bidets gently sanitize your butt and other private parts. It is widely welcomed in different parts of the world and is making a huge difference in the butt cleaning routine.

Smart Toilet Seats Are Now Available

A small toilet can be the appropriate option for saving bathroom space. As the world is becoming smart day by day, now toilet seats have also become advanced. Waking up in winter and the thought of sitting on a cold toilet seat depress all of us. Luckily, many brands have introduced toilet seats that have temperature adjustment features. Many versions of toilets and bidets are available in our store. Manual and electric toilet seat options are there for you. Each version varies in size, price point, and features. Pick one that is smart enough to masterly sanitize your genitals.

Our toilets and bidets come with a heat adjustment feature that enables the person to adjust the temperature of the seat and water. It provides an easy function setting as this comes with a Bluetooth app control feature. It is giving you easy control over many functions such as water temperature, flushing, deodorizing, pressure adjustment, etc. Some models of bidets come with dual nozzles that help you conveniently clean mess from the front and back area. This type of sanitary cleaner is made for both males and females. It is one of the best mates for ladies for maintaining hygiene, especially on menstrual days.


There are plenty of reasons that people are switching towards small toilets and bidets. They are ideal to give you a smart cleaning facility in small bathrooms and can perfectly fit an area where an ordinary toilet is unable to get fit. Huge varieties of toilets and bidets are added to our collection that belongs to popular brands. Hello Kitchen is contributing with Castle and Smarto brands to deliver the original versions of sanitary items to our customers. The sleek and small versions of toilets and bidets make your bathroom more classy and elegant and are a perfect combo for fulfilling daily cleaning needs. Browse our toilets and bidets today and order the one that suits your home décor.




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