ASD Healthy Clay Pot 6L

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  • Eco-friendly ceramic with thickened coloured glaze,  providing odour and discolouration resistance
  • Enlarged body improve heat circulation for faster cooking, which can help locking flavour and juice inside the foods
  • Sunken type of lid, makes it fit closely to the pot to prevent spillage
  • Fired twice in 1300 degrees heat to eliminate lead and cadmium
  • Stylish design elevating dining experiences
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The ASD Healthy Clay Pot is a culinary gem, designed with thoughtful features. Its enlarged body allows for generous servings and enable better heat circulation in the pot for faster cooking which make flavour and juice locked inside the food. The extra seal performance lid ensures that flavours are locked in, resulting in delicious and tender dishes. Crafted from eco-friendly ceramic, it boasts odour and discolouration resistance, maintaining the purity of your food. Furthermore, it is free from lead and cadmium after being fired twice at a high temperature of 1300 degrees, ensuring the safety and healthiness of your cooking. Elevate your cooking experience with the ASD Healthy Clay Pot.

Short Description

Enlarged, eco-friendly clay pot with superior seal performance. Safe, odor-resistant, and perfect for family meals.

Product Specification

  • Product dimension: 29.5cm*28.5cm*29cm
  • Product Gross Weight: 4.55kg

There might be slight differences in the measurement of the product’s size and weight since they are measured by hand.

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ASD Healthy Clay Pot 6L

$65.00$89.00 (-27%)