LinLin Special Pull-Out Portable Cultery 3pc Set – Purple


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  • Healthy and safe
  • Anti-slip good clip
  • Durable and temperature resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Product dimension:4.8*20.2*2.6cm
  • Weight:0.13kg
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This is a tableware set. The cutlery bodies are made of stainless steel and the box is made of PP. It is suitable for people who are students, office workers, travelers, hospital diners, and diners on the go. 

Short Description

  • Healthy and safe: No rough holes on the surface of the tableware, solving the penetration and adhesion of bacteria to the chopstick body, not easy to breed bacteria, not easy to mold, and mildew safer
  • Anti-slip good clip: Straight and tight chopstick body for a better hand-feeling experience, non-slip design, not easy to slip when holding food
  • Durable and temperature resistant: Spoon chopsticks are temperature resistant to 150°C and are suitable for sterilized cupboards. The box is temperature resistant to 120°C. Not suitable for high-temperature sterilization
  • Easy to clean: Wash with water and dry with a soft cloth for easy storage and portability


Product dimension: 4.8*20.2*2.6cm

Weight: 0.13kg

Warm tips:

  • Do not use wire balls, ultraviolet light, and ozone dishwashers.
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LinLin Special Pull-Out Portable Cultery 3pc Set - Purple