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Woll Diamond Lite Detachable Handle Induction Wok 30cm with Lid

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Stir fry and more with this exceptional piece of quality cookware.

Since 1979, WOLL Germany have been producing professional quality cast pans, manufactured using the highest quality craftsmanship.

WOLL cookware is crafted with a 'squeeze cast' technique that gives it unsurpassed strength and heat distribution, without excessive weight. PFOA free.


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No ordinary stir-fry pan the Woll Diamond Lite Induction Wok is lighter to handle and features an exclusive diamond impregnated nonstick PFOA free surface which is metal utensil safe. Flip stir scrape and cook with confidence on any heat source including induction in this high-sided flat bottom wok. Delivering cutting edge technology to the gourmet kitchen the forgecast aluminium construction features a 7.5mmthick stainless steel induction plate for rapid even heating and a unique pouring lip.

Made with detachable handles, each cookware piece in the Diamond Lite range is extremely easy to wash as it fits in the dishwasher, eliminates over hanging handles on the stove top to prevent injuries and is oven safe up to 250 degrees for convenient stove top to oven cooking. This non-stick Wok will handle your high heat cooking. Cook stir frys, deep fry, and steam all types of ingredients. Including a glass domed lid, the clear glass allows you to continually monitor your cooking.

About Woll Diamond

Woll Diamond is made from the latest nano technology blasting diamonds to each layer at a temperature of 20,000 degrees. This process offers superior durability and toughness. Heat tolerant up to 400 degrees and oven safe up to 250 degrees, this cookware set actually comes with detachable handles making it suitable for stove top to oven to table. The lite range is made from cast aluminium that has been squeezed resulting in a lighter weight with ultimate heat distribution.



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Woll Diamond Lite Detachable Handle Induction Wok 30cm with Lid

$299.00$339.00 (-12%)