Joseph Joseph Caddy Tower Slimline Sink Tidy


Packed with two ample storage slots
Stores your dishwashing bottle, brush, scrubber and metal sponge in one place
Save space
Declutter your sink

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Caddy??Tower has ample space for storing a washing-up liquid bottle, brush and multiple sponges, making the most of the space you do have around your sink. It features an integrated spout which allows water to drain directly into the sink and the entire unit can be dismantled for easy cleaning.


Dimensions (no pkg):?183 x 119 x 199mm

Display Dimensions: N/A

Inner Carton Dimensions and weight:?251 x 381 x 213mm @1.94kg

Item Dimensions (in pckg) & weight:?124 x 185 x 205mm @0.462kg

Outer Carton Dimensions and weight:?400 x 530 x 660mm @13

Item Made from:?ABS, TPR

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Joseph Joseph Caddy Tower Slimline Sink Tidy