Thermal Cookers

A thermal cooker is a master of all cookers and many people are unaware of its abilities. We are using so many electric cookers, slow cookers, or pressure cookers but we just ignore thermal cookers. This type of cooker continues cooking food without using any electricity and gas. What an automatic to it is!

Since it cooks without any heat source the cooking process is quite slow. How does this magical cooker work? This cooker traps heat from the inside vessel with the help of vacuum insulation. It captures heat inside the vessel and cooks food with the help of captured heat.

Slow cooking has lots of advantages- the minerals and vitamins hidden in the food don’t evaporate. In thermal cooking, there is no release of any steam thus the flavor, minerals, and vitamins don’t leave the food. When you cook food under the pressure cooker, there is a chance of food burning or over-cooking. But slow cooker slowly and masterly cooks all the ingredients evenly.

Thermal cookers have insulated walls that don’t allow the air to get in and out. Thus one can cook food anywhere even if there is a power slot or not. Every kitchen must have such cookers.

Buy Premium Models Only

Thermal cookers are of both good and bad quality. Be mindful when ordering and purchasing such cookers. Check its size, material, and capacity.We have different models of stainless steel thermal cookers. There are small cookers that have a capacity of about three liters- can prepare a whole meal for three-four people.

Big size thermal cooker has two sections for cooking two dishes simultaneously. Large size thermal cooker comes with a capacity of 7 liters or more. We know cookers and cookware better.

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