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  • Chinese and Korean Pickle Glass Jar Kimchi Sauerkraut Canisters & Jars

    • High quality glass – Made of durable soda lime glass. This jar is hard to crack, it is hard to crack long. Designed with high transparency in mind, the contents can always be grasped.
    • Clear glass – allows you to keep an eye on your product.All glass traditional design with simple water airlock, no plastic or rubber gaskets
    • Wide mouth – this jar is wide mouth, and it is convenient to pack a large quantity of fruit, vegetables, meat, herbs and spices in a bottle. With large openings, you can easily use the rugs, sponge and bottle brush to clean the bottle.
    • The water creates an air-tight seal around the base of the cap, allowing naturally occurring gasses to escape, but no air to enter the jar
    • Perfect for fermentation and canning – you can make a large amount of probiotic fermented foods and beverages This one gallon jar is perfect for canning fruit, jam, jelly, vegetables, beans and meat. Perfect for storing and pickling.

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