Hanaro Marble Coating BBQ Grill Round


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-Set the Cup under the Oil Outlet.

-Grill the Meats or Fishes and Enjoy it!

-Dual pan structure

-4 layered Non-stick coating.

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This BBQ grill is a very popular cooking appliance in Korea that is used to grill samgyupsal, galbi, steak, or any type of meat and fish. It’s a wonderful and fun way to have a BBQ party.
This Korean BBQ Plate can be placed on stove tops or on portable burners and most have a well-built draining system to collect excess oil and fat, minimizing oil splashing while grilling. They are very affordable and easy to clean for long-lasting care and usage.


– Known as SamGyupSal Pan
– Korean Style Stove Top Barbecue Grill
– Table Top BBQ Grill for Use with Electric gas, or Propane stoves
– Oil Drain Outlet in the Center: Enjoy the Meat with Less Oil
– Spiral Pan Structure for even Thermal Efficiency
– Good for Pork Belly or Any Type of Meat
– Multi Use for Roast Pan or Stew Pot


Material: Premium Non-Stick Aluminum casting
Shape: Round
Size: 32cm
Weight: 1.3kg
Country of origin: South Korea

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Hanaro Marble Coating BBQ Grill Round