Imperial TWG0080 Ceramic Golf Shape Seasoning Salt Container


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Can be used to hold a variety of condiments: salt, pepper, sugar, spice, corn starch and chicken broth powder and more.
Removable trays for easy clean up and storage,can help you save some space and make your kitchen neat and generous.

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  • Separate box cover, the seasoning set adopts a lid design, each seasoning box has a lid, and different seasoning boxes are opened separately when handling
  • Perfect details are not afraid of magnification, the mechanism for perfecting the details of our team has long been our high quality
  • The sealing performance is good, the gap between the spoon and the box body is very small, the sealing performance is good, don’t worry about the seasoning inside being damp
  • Multi-grid design, can store different spices, with cover design to effectively prevent dust interference, push-type dust cover, easy to open and close,
  • The material is not fragile, has strong stability, and is more durable than glass and ceramics. The separate boxes are clearly classified and easy to clean daily.
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Imperial TWG0080 Ceramic Golf Shape Seasoning Salt Container