YS Luxury Glass 3pc Spice Jug Set Food Container

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  • Cork and glass bottle construction for safe and durable storage
  • Good sealing properties to extend preservation time and prevent dust and air from entering
  • Heat and cold resistant for versatile storage options
  • Clear storage for easy identification of contents
  • Three different sizes of jars with different capacities (1100ml, 800ml, 500ml) to meet various storage needs
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The sealed storage jar with multiple uses can be used for coffee beans, pasta, and tea. Good sealing can extend the preservation time. The wooden stopper fits the mouth of the jar, which can keep the storage jar isolated from the air and prevent dust from entering. These three sizes of jars have different capacities to meet your needs in many ways.

Short Description

  • Wood lid
  • Glass bottle
  • Good sealing properties
  • Safe material
  • Heat and cold resistant
  • Clear storage

Product Specification

  • Item included: 3 different sizes of sealed jars
  • Product dimension: 35 cm * 26 cm * 8 cm
  • Size of product: 23.5 cm * 9 cm, 18.5 cm * 9 cm, 13.5 cm * 9 cm
  • Capacity: 1100ml, 800ml, 500ml
  • Net weight: 0.957kg
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YS Luxury Glass 3pc Spice Jug Set Food Container

$38.00$55.00 (-31%)

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